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Student work produced between 2009-16. Click on the individual images for additional details

KCSF 220-Ceramics 1
Project 1: Terracotta Heads / Coil-Construction
low-fire red earthenware, underglaze
dimensions variable (within 12”x12”x12” and no smaller than 8”x8”x8”)
KCSF 220-Ceramics 1
Project 2: Architectural Blocks / Slab-Construction
low-fire red earthenware, underglaze, clear glaze
dimensions variable (each block is 4”x4”x4” and no smaller than 2” any direction)
KCSF 220-Ceramics 1
Projects 3 and 4: Cups and Bowls / Wheel Throwing
mid-range stoneware, glaze
dimensions vary (cups 4”-6” tall, bowls 4”-8” wide)
KCSF 222-Ceramics 2
Project 1: Digital Imaging / Print on Clay
earthenware, mid-range stoneware, underglazes, toner-transfers
KCSF 111 - 3-D Design
Project 3 / Repetitive Tiles
 Project 4 / Shadow Box
earthenware, underglaze, glaze, wood, paint, found objects
Sculpture and Functional Art Thesis
low-fire and mid-range clays, mixed media
Photo Thesis
porcelain, mixed media, digital photography
Printmaking, Drawing, and Metals/Jewelry Thesis
porcelain, mid-range stoneware, mixed media,
MFA Drawing Thesis
installation, clay slip, earthenware, stoneware, mixed media, sound composition
MFA Candidates
mid-range porcelain and stoneware, underglaze, mixed media
Sculpture and Functional Art BFA with an Emphasis in Ceramics
wood and gas fired stoneware, slip-cast porcelain
Figurative Exploration
earthenware, mid-range porcelain, mixed media
Kendall College of Art and Design Clay Collective:
Grande Fuoco 2013
multiple clays, glazes, and processes were employed