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Figurative Exploration
Figurative Exploration
earthenware, mid-range porcelain, mixed media

Top Left: Ceramics 2 final projects, low-fired eathenware, underglaze, stain. female figure 24”x20”x10” head 18”x15”x12”
Top Right: Graduate Drawing Independent Study, low-fire earthenware, 36”x24”x24”
Bottom: Ceramics 2 Left: mid-range porcelain 18”x15”x10” Right: mid-range porcelain, paint, hair, puff balls, 16”x9”x6”

Examples of projects done within Independent Study and Special Topics courses or as a Ceramics 2 final.

Students who pursue figurative work are largely self-directed though I provide visual and technical resources, technical demonstrations, and firing instruction for large scale work.