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Printmaking, Drawing, and Metals/Jewelry Thesis
Printmaking, Drawing, and Metals/Jewelry Thesis
porcelain, mid-range stoneware, mixed media,

Top Left: Molly Duff, Printmaking ‘16
Untitled 2015, high-fired porcelain, handmade paper, wood-block print, natural dyes, 36”x24”x1”

Bottom Left: Jessica Shelton, Metals/Jewelry ‘12
Stonedrop Necklace 2012, high-fired porcelain, glaze, copper chain, glass bead, 1.5”x1.5”x.5”

Right: Austin Cox, Drawing ’14
a quote from Austin’s thesis statement: “I chose clay to harness its rawness and delicacy”
Untitled 2014, mid-range stoneware, metallic oxides, graphite 16”x12”x1”

I arranged for each of these students to receive funding to cover the costs of courses taken at Ox-Bow School of Art in addition to the scholarships they received based upon the merit of their work.

Molly joined me as a teaching assistant for a class I taught at Ox-Bow, Summer 2016 and was workshop assistant for several wood-fire creative intensives.

Austin recently completed the Automotive Modeling Program at the College for Creative Studies where he learned how to design and produce automotive models in clay. He is currently employed at Ford Motor Company in Detroit, MI in the design department.