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Sculpture and Functional Art Thesis
Sculpture and Functional Art Thesis
low-fire and mid-range clays, mixed media

Top Left and Center: Amanda Opolski, Sculpture and Functional Art ‘15
Good Housekeeping 2015, low-fired stoneware, paint, yarn, 24”x14”x6”,

Top Right: Nate Large, Sculpture and Functional Art ’15
Big Leg Mountain 2015, mid-range stoneware, underlaze, glaze, 36”x24”x12”

Bottom: Lydia Boda, Sculpture and Functional Art ‘15
Memory Collection 2015, experimental and scavanged ceramic objects, found objects, 36”x24” (pedestal top)

Students who have an emphasis or special interest in ceramics ultimately work with me outside the context of a registered course due to limited credits and program requirements. I take a special interest in working with these students as they contribute to the level of activitiy in the studio and are involved in the KCAD Clay Collective. I arranged for each of these students to recieve funding to cover the costs of courses taken at Ox-Bow School of Art in addition to the scholarships they recieved based upon the merit of their work. Amanda recently exhbited her thesis work at the Michigan Ceramic Art Association’s bi-annual Conference. Lydia is currently the ceramics area technician at KCAD and will be joining me as a teaching assistant at Ox-Bow this summer for Materials and Processes: Wood-fire. Nate is currently employed as staff at Ox-Bow and joined me for an independently funded three-week residency in Trieste, Italy in 2014.